About Renee Masur  

Food is fun! And beautiful. My mission is to help people stop seeing cooking as a chore, but as a pleasurable experience that becomes an edible work of art. 


I grew up in a small-town on Vancouver Island, where I learned to smile at strangers and always appreciate an ocean view. 

My Mindful Kitchen came to me when I'd really and truly acknowledged the turbulent relationship I've always had with food. 

For my entire life, I’ve struggled to feel "normal" around food. With every meal, I would eat like it was my last meal ever. I gorged on sugars and fats that would give me a spike of pleasure but would ultimately evaporate into guilt, shame, and lethargy. I was so tired of feeling obsessed with food. After I truly acknowledged my obsession with food, I saw the other side of the coin: I really love food!

I love the colours, the flavours, the design, and the uniqueness of every single dish. I adore cooking and the way it makes me feel like an artist. I love the community and conversation around food. It’s intimate and real. My Mindful Kitchen helps you get out of the revolving doors of binging and dieting, and finally enjoying the pleasurable experience of food.

My Mindful Kitchen is about creativity, mindful eating, cooking improvisation, reconnecting with your inner desires, and allowing yourself to become fully present with every taste.