Day 42


My grandma and I spent the entire day together and it was just lovely. I am always so busy trying to feel like I'm busy and I knew that was not a state of mind I wanted to be in. In the morning before I picked her up, I decided to set my intention on slowing down to Grandma Sylvia's pace. She is always so zen-like and ready for anything and I wanted to feel like that for the day. So we walked slowly around the city and never once worried about getting somewhere at a certain time. And it was divine. Everything unfolded for us perfectly. We enjoyed a long lunch, flew over Canada, walked around my neighbourhood, and enjoyed chai lattes at Coco et Olive. Many stories and bottles of wine shared. In the evening, Mom came over and all three of us were able to spend some quality time together.

Reflecting on this day, I want to set more positive intensions in the morning, or even the night before. I chose to change my pace that day and I was able to enjoy the experience so much more. So grateful for this quality time with such an inspiring, accepting, and loving woman.