Embrace More Joy Today... and Build a Brighter Tomorrow


* Save Money
* Nurture Your Family

* Protect the Planet


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Embrace More Joy Today... and Build a Brighter Tomorrow


* Save Money
* Nurture Your Family

* Protect the Planet


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Do you feel that you could take better care of yourself?
When you close your eyes do you think...


  • Money doesn't go as far as it used to: Rising grocery prices are impacting what you buy making you don't have control of your finances and worry about money.
  • Your family wastes a lot of food: Not intentionally, but the amount is far beyond your comfort zone, both economically and environmentally.
  • Food equals stress: When it comes to meals all the chores fall on you, and it take all the fun out of dinner as a family.
  • There's never enough time: Your busy life has you choosing convenience over healthy food choices for the family too many times... and you're exhausted from this and all the people-pleasing you need to juggle.
  • Your inner self longs to do more. You see your kids growing up in a world with questionable values, and you want to make sure they grow up with good ones, including being kind, helping others and make a positive impact in the world. The problem, how do I change this?

Then, My Mindful Kitchen (MMK) Method was created for you, so when you close your eyes, you can breathe.


The Ease of the MMK Method


The MMK Method guides you through a transformative journey, helping you recognize that food choices extend way beyond personal nourishment.  This expands your mindfulness through your relationship with food.

Through a combination of education, awareness, and practical techniques, MMK cultivates a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between personal well-being, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.  The best part, it is easy to get started and it is FREE.


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Make a Shift

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Food Should Not Only
Nourish Your Body, But Also Nurture Your Soul.


At My Mindful Kitchen, we know that you want to feel better about your food choices and habits for financial, health, and environmental reasons. To achieve this, you need to be more conscious and mindful of your food choices. 

The problem is that life is busy and negativity fills the news waves, making you feel overwhelmed and out of control. We understand how draining this can be. We recognize the challenges you face in today’s world, especially if you are raising children. This is exactly why I created My Mindful Kitchen.

It is simple; here’s how to get started. 1. Subscribe and receive our FREE newsletter. 2. Get inspired (we promise not to overwhelm you). 3. Gradually implement some of the strategies when the time feel right. 

So don’t wait, subscribe now and get ready for the joyful feeling you are going to bring into your kitchen. Stop feeling overwhelmed and instead enjoy getting into “A Mindful Foodie Frame of Mind,” knowing you are doing something good for yourself and can make a difference in the world around you and your children's futute.

Janet Irizarry


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Before the MMK Method, I overspent on food without realizing it. This eye-opening journey is not only fun but also life-changing. I waste so much less food than I used to and my kitchen will never be the same!

- Marcy Schwartz

In my family, the kitchen is where we connect and share meals. My appreciation for planning, shopping, and cooking has deepened thanks to the MMK method, and our bodies, health and relationships are nourished.

- Angela Speziale

The MMK Method effortlessly transformed my food choices. Saving money was my initial goal, but the satisfaction of making mindful decisions is ultimately what has made me the biggest fan.

- Debra Ambrosino

The MMK Method

Your Connection to Body, Mind and Soul


Feel good about the choices
you make everyday.


Build connection with
your authentic self and your values


Instill values on your children that
last a lifetime

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All The 8 Pillars of the MMK Method


The 8 Pillars of the MMK Method provide a holistic framework to guide you in making mindful food choices that support mindful living and positive environmental stewardship.

As you learn more about these eight strategies you'll find that it becomes easier and easier to make choices that benefit your personal well-being as well as the broader health of the planet.

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