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My Mindful
Kitchen Method (MMK)

My name is Janet Irizarry, and I am on a mission to transform everyone into a Mindful Foodie.  
The MMK Method elevates the pleasure of food by guiding choices that not only promote personal well-being but also contribute to a sustainable future for our children and the planet.

The MMK Method embodies the harmony between mindfulness and eco-consciousness, using a holistic approach. It addresses the trials of modern life such as financial constraints, family health, and environmental stewardship in a way that will have a profound positive impact in all areas of your life, beyond simply culinary appreciation.

Janet Irizarry

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What the MMK Method is All About

When we approach food with mindfulness, increasing awareness of its impact on ourselves and the world around us, we  connect with our core values. By doing so, we not only nourish our bodies physically, but we also nurture our minds and souls as well.

The MMK Method guides you through a transformative journey, helping you recognize that food choices extend way beyond personal nourishment.  This expands your mindfulness through your relationship with food.

Through a combination of education, awareness, and practical techniques, MMK cultivates a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between personal well-being, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

Your Kitchen as a Classroom


It's challenging to escape the constant barrage of headlines about climate change and food waste, and it's natural to feel upset when considering their profound social and environmental consequences, particularly in terms of how they might impact your children's future. However, guiding your children to understand the importance of their food choices can feel daunting. You might feel uncertain about where to begin and how to approach the topic without overwhelming or frightening them.

That's where the MMK Method comes in. It provides you with a guide for bringing those conversations into your kitchen using a positive approach, focusing on more than just healthy eating. Through simple actions and heartfelt conversations, you'll teach your children to cherish food, collaborate, and make mindful decisions. Your kitchen becomes a place where you nurture healthy bodies and compassionate souls, and where your children appreciate the value of nutritious food and meaningful values.

Teaching your kids to cook
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Connecting Body, Mind & Soul

Nurtures a
Positive Outlook

The approach supports a positive mindset so you feel good about the choices you’re making every day.

Unites Body,
Mind, & Soul

The MMK Method aligns you with your inner values,  and reconnects you to your authentic self.

Good Values

MMK supports parents with simple tools to empower children toward healthy, sustainable food choices.

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MMK Works Because...

MMK offers uplifting, effective strategies that inspire joy and confidence in your food choices. The goal is to encourage you to make food choices that promote both your well-being and the health of the planet. It's not about feeling obligated or striving for perfection: rather, 
it's about having the tools and knowledge to do what already feels right to you.

MMK helps you create a more conscious relationship with food that not only saves time and money but also fosters creativity and enjoyment at home. Additionally, the MMK method instills positive values in your kids and can catalyze important conversations with them about their personal impact on the world around them.

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