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The MMK Method is for anyone seeking to save money, bring more mindfulness into their lives, and cares about their impact on the environment. Get introduced to the MMK Method by downloading our FREE eBook, "Becoming a Mindful Foodie".

Hi! I'm Janet Irizarry


In a world inundated with choices and overwhelmed by the challenges of modern living, I am on a mission to transform everyone into a Mindful Foodie. Recognizing the profound impact of food choices on health, finances, and the environment, I aim to inspire a holistic approach to food using the My Mindful Kitchen (MMK) Method. This method goes beyond mere culinary appreciation to create a truly mindful way of life.

Growing up, my mom made the kitchen a place not just for family meals but also for conversation and connection. Her influence instilled in me a lasting appreciation for food's power to bring people together, nourish, and contribute to our shared responsibility to others and the planet. I am here to share it with you in a way that will bring a newfound joy into your kitchen.

The MMK Method and You

My Mindful Kitchen is driven by my deep love for food and a commitment to a sustainable future. In a world where we often have access to plenty of food, we tend to overlook its deeper significance beyond mere sustenance. When we approach food with mindfulness, being aware of its impact on ourselves and the world around us, we can connect with our core values. By doing so, we not only nourish our bodies physically but also nurture our minds and souls.

If this makes sense to you, I hope you will join me as I provide tools, strategies, and hacks that make it easy for you to make food choices that align with your innate values such as love, gratitude, showing compassion for others, and kindness to the planet. Become part of a community that is working to do good things for the planet while finding more joy with every bite along the way.

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5 Reasons to  

Become A Mindful Foodie

Save Money 

The average family of 4 throws out over $3000 of food that they buy and never eat each year. Embracing mindfulness counteracts inflation and helps combat inflation and rising costs of food.

Feel Good 

You'll feel good about the choices you make and while enhancing your well-being, aligning with values like gratitude and kindness and strengthening your connection with the world around you.


When you are a  Mindful Foodie you are part of a community that collectively makes a significant impact on the world through small acts of mindfulness that translate into big acts of kindness.

Instill Values 

Practicing mindfulness in food at home instills lessons on money management, healthy living, caring for others, and planet protection, empowering children to understand their role in safeguarding the environment.

Reduce Footprint

Mindful food choices cut your environmental impact on the planet.  By reducing waste, you will conserve resource, lower your carbon footprint, and help to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. 

8 Pillars of the MMK Method

There are 8 Pillars of the MMK Method. When intertwined, they provide a holistic framework for decision-making to guide you in making food choices.

Ultimately, you'll find that you naturally make choices that benefit both personal
well-being and the broader health of the planet, creating a harmonious balance
between mindful living and environmental stewardship.

The Star of the Show

Meet Margot Schulman: your guide on your mindful food journey! Margot will greet you in each email to make sure your journey is fun and uplifting. She has worn many hats throughout her life and career, all focused on her passion for helping people and protecting the planet. She is a personal chef, author, TEDX speaker, a sustainability activist and a wellness coach.

Her favorite hat of all is being a “Mom”. Margot’s children, Oliver, 16, and Isadora, 12, continually inspire her to learn more and do more. Both kids are active in environmental organizations and have worked collaboratively to bring composting to their schools.

She began her food activism work by launching the non-profit Fareground Community Cafe, a pay-what-you-can pop up restaurant in the Hudson Valley. Passionate about expanding access to nutritional, healthy local food, Margot also ran The Lunch Box, a community meal program aimed at combating the food insecurity and the food waste epidemic.




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Before the MMK Method, I overspent on food without realizing it. This eye-opening journey is not only fun but also life-changing. I waste so much less food than I used to and my kitchen will never be the same!

- Marcy Schwartz

In my family, the kitchen is where we connect and share meals. My appreciation for planning, shopping, and cooking has deepened thanks to the MMK method, and our bodies, health and relationships are nourished.

- Angela Speziale

The MMK Method effortlessly transformed my food choices. Saving money was my initial goal, but the satisfaction of making mindful decisions is ultimately what has made me the biggest fan.

- Debra Ambrosino


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